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ASLO meetings generally have a variety of special sessions suggested and organized by individual members. Members may also organize special workshops to be held concurrent with a meeting.

The search form below allows users to search the content of past ASLO meetings, including presentation abstracts. Co-sponsored meetings hosted by a partner organization may not be available.


The following meetings are available. Meetings hosted by a partner society may be available on their website.

(J)ASM: (Joint) Aquatic Sciences Meeting
OSM: Ocean Sciences Meeting
Summer: ASLO Summer Meeting
ORC: Ocean Research Conference

2015 ASM Granada
2014 JASM Portland
2013 ASM New Orleans
2012 OSM New Orleans
2012 Summer Lake Biwa
2011 ASM San Juan
2010 Summer Santa Fe
2009 ASM Nice
2008 OSM Orlando
2008 Summer St. Johns
2007 ASM Santa Fe
2006 Summer Victoria
2005 ASM Salt Lake City
2005 Summer Santiago de Compostela
2004 ORC Honolulu
2003 ASM Salt Lake City
2002 Summer Victoria
2001 ASM Albuquerque
2001 Ocean Fertilization
1999 ASM Santa Fe