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The following fee schedule applies to all announcements posted on the Positions Offered Board. Please check the appropriate category. If a fee is required, you will be contacted by the ASLO Business Office to arrange for payment. Your announcement will be posted as soon as it has been reviewed for content, and after any required fee payment has been arranged.

Please select the appropriate category for your announcement. All announcements of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students should be submitted through the Student Opportunities Page.

Academic Institutions
All faculty and staff positions. Postdoctoral fellowships are free (please use the Individual/Non-Member or Member category).
$200 for unlimited time
Non-profit Organizations
All paid positions. Postdoctoral fellowships are free (please use the Individual/Non-Member or Member category).
$200 for unlimited time
Government Agencies
All paid positions.
$200 for unlimited time
For-profit Businesses
All paid positions.
$300 for unlimited time
Individual/ASLO member
Post-doctoral and technician positions only.
No charge
Post-doctoral and technician positions only.
No charge
Unpaid and Volunteer Positions
Any volunteer, unpaid intern, or other unpaid positions in any organization. If the opportunity is for current undergraduate and graduate students, please go to the Student Opportunities Page.
No charge
OPTIONAL: Featured announcements remain at the top of the list until closed, and are identified by a colored background. $200 additional fee
OPTIONAL: Premium announcements include the display of a vertical banner in the right column of the Positions Offered Page. The banner is linked to the full text of your announcement. Banners can be provided as text or as images with dimensions 145px wide by 200-300px high. You may include an institutional logo. If this option is selected, please contact the ASLO Web Editor to provide text or image for your Premium Announcement. If no space is available, you will not be charged a Premium fee. $200 additional fee

Contact Information

If you have selected a fee category that requires payment, please enter contact information for the person responsible for arranging for payment. If you checked the "Individual/ASLO Member" category (post-doctoral and technician positions only), please provide your member ID number.
Contact name:
Street address:
City, State/province, Postal Code, Country:
Email for billing:
ASLO Member ID:

Position Description

Enter the Closing Date for the job opportunity. Positions may be posted for a maximum of one year.

Enter a short, informative Title for this announcement, such as "Assistant Professor Marine Botany" or "Postdoctoral Associate in Microbial Ecology"
Enter the institution or Location at which the position is offered. Please use a short description such as "Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography".
Enter a valid e-mail Contact Address to be contacted for further information by prospective applicants. Your email address will appear on the Positions Offered Page. Please provide only ONE e-mail address.
You may enter a website address (e.g. "") where potential applicants may look for further information.
Please provide a brief summary (no more than 3-4 sentences) of the position, suitable for embedding in an RSS feed. The RSS summary will be linked to the complete announcement. Please note that all formatting will be removed and the summary will appear as a single short paragraph.
Enter the text of your announcement in the text box below.
  • Your input can be any reasonable length.
  • If you copy and paste your announcement from a word processor, lines may break in unexpected places. You may need to clean up the text so that it appears within the text box as you wish it to appear on the page.
  • Break paragraphs using the ENTER key, leaving a single blank line between paragraphs.
  • You can mark text in italics or bold using the toolbar.
  • Numbered and bulleted lists can be inserted using the toolbar.
  • Web links in your announcement can be made "live". Highlight the link, click on Link in the toolbar, enter the same URL, and click on OK.

Please re-enter the text shown below. If you are unable to read it, click on the icon to change the text. Information entered in the form will not be affected.

The ASLO Business Office will contact the person named above to arrange for payment of any posting fees. The announcement will be posted when payment arrangements have been completed. It will be reformatted for appearance if necessary.

When all fields are filled in and the description is formatted as you wish, click on the Submit Announcement button below.

Featured Position Announcements

These high-profile position announcements will appear in a color-highlighted section at the top of the list and will remain there until they close. Your Featured Announcement will remain highly visible as long as it is posted!

Premium Position Announcements

Premium Announcements will appear as banners displayed here for up to one month. Three Premium Announcement spaces are available at a time.

Your announcement will be formatted as a vertical banner 145px wide by up to 300px tall (approximately the size of this text box). It may be provided as an image file.

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