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Early Career Information

The Early Career Committee, an official ASLO standing committee since June 2011, was initiated in 2007 as an ad hoc committee. The committee is charged with the creation and organisation of programs and the development of initiatives targeted to benefit ASLO's early-career members. The Early Career Committee has defined "early career" as non-student members who have received their highest degree within the last 10 years, or are pre-tenure if in a tenure-track position.

This Early Career webpage offers information and resources for ASLO's early career members. If you have any suggestions as to how ASLO can better serve this portion of its membership, please contact the members of the Early Career Committee at

Want to Get Involved?

Are you interested in getting involved with an ASLO committee? ASLO committee members serve staggered terms, so new members are needed each year for every standing committee. A fresh perspective is often needed on both ad hoc and standing committees. Most committee work is done by e-mail during the year and face-to-face sessions during ASLO meetings. Occasionally, but rarely, a pressing task will require a committee or subcommittee to meet at other times.

Want to take the next step and join the ASLO Board of Directors? ASLO Officers and other Board members also serve staggered terms, requiring new members each year. Membership on the ASLO Board is one of the best and most rewarding ways you can serve the scientific community.

Please contact the ASLO President or any ASLO Officer if you are interested in a committee or any other service to ASLO.

Otherwise, we encourage you to participate in various ASLO programs and activities that allow you to learn more about the society and provide feedback to improve how it functions-attend business meetings, complete surveys, explore the website, read the Bulletin, etc.

If you have any suggestions for this webpage or for the Early Career Committee, in general, please send them to