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ASLO Committees

ASLO Committee members serve staggered terms, so new members are needed each year for every standing committee, and "new blood" is often needed on both ad hoc and standing committees. Please contact the ASLO President or any Officer if you are interested in committee or other service to ASLO. Most committee work is done by e-mail and face-to-face sessions during ASLO meetings. Occasionally but rarely a pressing task will require a committee or subcommittee to meet at other times.

The following shows the current ASLO committees. Ad hoc committees are formed as needed and charged with a specific task. If the task is completed within three years, the committee is dissolved. If the task takes longer, members are reappointed or replaced. Tenure on standing committees varies by committee. Committee chairs are replaced or reappointed annually. Input from new committee members is always welcome and needed. If you would like more information about a particular committee, please contact the ASLO Business Office.

For more information about each committee, click on the links below.

Standing Committees

Awards and Citations Executive Committee

Education and Human Resources Committee

Other Standing Committees

Ad hoc Committees