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Working in the Aquatic Sciences

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Public Policy Careers
Many graduate students in aquatic sciences are interested in jobs that bridge the gap between science and policy, but aren't sure where they are or what they entail. The ASLO Public Policy office has attempted to provide some general information about careers in public policy.
Aquatic Sciences Careers
ASLO often receives email asking how students can prepare for careers in the aquatic sciences. ASLO's Student Representatives have prepared a document describing the necessary background to pursue an interest in aquatic science.
Programs for PhD's
The DIALOG and DISCCRS initiatives for recent PhDs are co-sponsored by ASLO. DIALOG and DISCCRS include a Ph.D. Dissertation Abstract Registry, mailing lists that distribute job and other information of interest to recent graduates, the collection of demographic information for characterization and eventual tracking of the graduate population, and symposia designed to catalyze international, cross-disciplinary understanding and networking among recent graduates.