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ASLO honors Marianne V. Moore with the 2015 Ramón Margalef Award
for Excellence in Education

The Ramón Margalef Award for Excellence in Education honors exceptional achievement in teaching and mentoring in the fields of limnology and oceanography. With this award, Dr. Marianne V. Moore, Professor of Biological Sciences at Wellesley College, is recognized for her work as an outstanding teacher, mentor and researcher. Dr. Moore has been a tremendous inspiration to her students in both classroom and laboratory, and whose scholarship has been notable for its excellence, broad recognition and impact around the world. The award will be presented at the 2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Granada, Spain, February 22-29, 2015.

Dr. Moore received her Ph.D. in aquatic ecology from Dartmouth in 1988 and soon moved to Wellesley College to take a position as an assistant professor of biological sciences. In her 26 years at Wellesley, she has taught courses at all levels of the curriculum and has been the recipient of both of Wellesley’s major teaching awards, The Anna and Samuel Pinanski Prize for Excellent in Teaching in 1988 and the Apgar Award for Teaching Innovation in 1999, while still maintaining a strong commitment to research. Dr. Moore’s research on the effects of abiotic factors altered by humans on communities in freshwater lakes has attracted the attention of media outlets around the world, and has been supported by the National Science Foundation and other notable agencies.

“Marianne Moore is the very embodiment of the dedicated teacher – one who looks always to improve, to innovate and to find ways to enhance her students’ capacity for critical thinking,” says John S. Cameron, Professor in Biological Sciences as Wellesley College.

“At the same time, Marianne has established an outstanding record of scholarly accomplishment in aquatic ecology that has involved many undergraduate students, attracted major external funding and earned praise and respect around the world.”