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ASLO Fellows Program

Congratulations to the 2016 ASLO Fellows!

The ASLO Fellows program was initiated in 2015 to honor ASLO members who have advanced the aquatic sciences via their exceptional contributions to the benefit of the society and its publications, meetings, and other activities. The commitment and service of these individuals to ASLO have enabled our society to advance the sciences of limnology and oceanography.

The 2016 ASLO Fellows will be honored at the ASLO Meeting in Honolulu, HI in February 2017. More information about the Fellows program, including qualifications and application form can be found at (members must log in to view). Please nominate colleagues or self-nominate so that appropriate recognition can be made.

ASLO Sustaining Fellows are recognized as having sustained excellence in their contributions to ASLO and the aquatic sciences.

Claudia Benitez-Nelson
Joined 2001
Dan Conley
Joined 1981
Ben Cuker
Joined 1979
Hans Dam
Joined 1986
John Dolan
Joined 1985
John Downing
Joined 1975
Carlos Duarte
Joined 1986
Paul Frost
Joined 1998
Charles Greene
Joined 1981
Hans-Peter Grossart
Joined 1995
Peter Jumars
Joined 1974
Louis Legendre
Joined 1970
Thomas Kiørboe
Joined ~1988
Mary Scranton
Joined 1977
Gillian Stewart
Joined 2001
Curtis Suttle
Joined 1981

ASLO Fellows are recognized as having achieved excellence in their contributions to ASLO and the aquatic sciences.

Peter Berg
Joined 2000
David Burdige
Joined 1997
Robert Chen
Joined 1999
Chris Filstrup
Joined 2004
David Fields
Joined 1989
R. Wally Fulweiler
Joined 2003
Stuart Jones
Joined 2005
Thomas Mehner
Joined 2000
Philip Meyers
Joined 1972
Adina Paytan
Joined ~2006
Francesc Peters
Joined 1990
Robert Sanders
Joined 1982
Lesley Smith
Joined 1983
Paul Tréguer
Joined 1988

Submit or Apply

To nominate a colleage or to apply to be considered, please click on the appropriate link below. Nominations and applications can be submitted by any current ASLO member.