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ASLO Fellows Program

Congratulations to the inaugural class of ASLO Fellows!

The ASLO Fellows program was initiated in 2015 to honor ASLO members who have advanced the aquatic sciences via their exceptional contributions to the benefit of the society and its publications, meetings, and other activities. We are extremely pleased to announce the inaugural class of ASLO Fellows. The commitment and service of these individuals to ASLO have enabled our society to advance the sciences of limnology and oceanography.

The 2015 ASLO Fellows will be honored at the ASLO Meeting in Santa Fe in June 2016. More information about the Fellows program, including qualifications and application form can be found at (members must log in to view). Please nominate colleagues or self-nominate so that appropriate recognition can be made.

ASLO Sustaining Fellows are recognized as having sustained excellence in their contributions to ASLO and the aquatic sciences.

Josef Ackerman
Joined 1991
Beatrix Beisner
Joined 1999
Ronald Benner
Joined 1985
Deborah Bronk
Joined 1990
Carla Caceres
Joined 1990
Lisa Campbell
Joined 1980
Douglas Capone
Joined 1975
James Cloern
Joined 1972
John Cullen
Joined 1978
Greg Cutter
Joined 1983
Peter Franks
Joined 2000
Jed Fuhrman
Joined 1981
Patricia Glibert
Joined 1982
David Hutchins
Joined 1991
Samantha Joye
Joined 1998
Paul Kemp
Joined ~1996
Michael Landry
Joined 1973
Peter Leavitt
Joined 1982
Cindy Lee
Joined ~1985
Mark Ohman
Joined 1974
Uta Passow
Joined 1991
Jonathan Sharp
Joined 1967
John Smol
Joined 1977
Robert Striegl
Joined ~1985
Gordon Taylor
Joined 1978
Lars Tranvik
Joined 1988
Steven Wilhelm
Joined 1991
Wayne Wurtsbaugh
Joined 1977
Marguerite Xenopoulos
Joined 1995

ASLO Fellows are recognized as having achieved excellence in their contributions to ASLO and the aquatic sciences.

Shelley Arnott
Joined 1990
John Berges
Joined 1989
Wiebke Boeing
Joined 2000
Philip Boyd
Joined 1994
Hans Dam
Joined 1986
Walter Dodds
Joined 1986
Stephanie Hampton
Joined 2007
Markus Huettel
Joined ~2001
W. Michael Kemp
Joined 1978
Ronald Kiene
Joined 1993
David Kirchman
Joined 1980
Susanne Menden-Deuer
Joined 2000
Tammi Richardson
Joined ~1994
Thad Scott
Joined 2003
Val Smith
Joined ~1973
Suzanne Strom
Joined 1982
Donald Webster
Joined 2001

Submit or Apply

To nominate a colleage or to apply to be considered, please click on the appropriate link below. Nominations and applications can be submitted by any current ASLO member.